Summary and Key Recommendations of Report on Social Diversity and Learning Achievement: The Status of Primary Education in Rural Bihar

Welcome to Deshkal Society

Deshkal Society, since 1995, has initiated and innovated research, advocacy and grassroots interventions to further the inclusion and equity of marginalised communities in a democratised mainstream society. Issues of social exclusion/ inclusion, marginality and diversity in education, land rights and entitlements, and culture and sustainable livelihoods are the main focus where we continue to develop a conceptual understanding of the mainstream discourse and how it has evolved to limit and marginalise the underprivileged communities. Our knowledge based activism, including publications, consultative seminars and a sustained partnership between marginalised communities and our learning centres has helped us in democratising mainstream knowledge structures and policy development in favour of marginalized groups for their empowerment, social equity, inclusive growth and freedom.

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