Documentary Films

Aaropit Pahchan ke Paar (Beyond Imposed Identities)

Musahars, often referred to as Dalits among Dalits, are at the bottom-rung of society in the Gangetic plains. Descendents of a Chhotanagpur tribe, Musahars are scattered all over the paddy-growing plains, providing the so-called un-skilled labour...

The film captures the everyday life, the day-to-day struggle of Musahars. Aware of plural voices among the community, the film deals with the question of emancipation and the importance of Musahar legends, myth and tradition in seeking that emancipation. It also focuses on the contrasting views on Musahars' association with the pig and liquor. The voices of self-assertion mark the narrative of the film that shatters the centuries old, and incessant, myth about the Musahar as a rat-eating community.

Director: Sanjay Kumar

Co-Director & Cameraperson: Sri Prakash

Assistant Director: Dharmedra Kumar & Mukund

Script Writer & Voice-over: Manjari Joshi

Editor: Alok

Alternative Source of Energy in Arunachal Pradesh

A 50-minute documentary on alternative sources of energy in Arunachal Pradesh



Doordarshan telecast this on its national network in two episodes.

Producer: Sanjay Kumar

Director: Vinay Ranjan

Assistant Director: Dharmedra Kumar, Mukund

Cameraperson: Subodh